Taking a break…

Image Credits: Ashwani Bhati

I take a break,

From the day’s struggle

From judgmental stares and rebuke

From being ignored

From selling items to the people

From cleaning people’s wheels

From craving for chillar

I take a break,

To explore something today

Yes, I have a sudden interest in technology

I see this man fluently operating his phone

He took a picture of me,

I am curious now

He takes a break,

From his day’s active schedule

To click a photo of me

As he is inquisitive too

I feel so unique

This made my day!!

I took a break,

Yes!! It was worth it.

He took a break,

Indeed! It was…

Project By: Ashwani Bhati https://www.instagram.com/thehorsesking/

Implementation By: skillsoul.in https://www.instagram.com/skillsoul.in/

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