River Rafting, Rishikesh

This was the very first adventure sport that I ever experienced so it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Yes! I am 25 and haven’t even got a chance to try out such activities. It was October 2017, the advent of winters in Rishikesh and it was our last day in the city, we siblings were very excited and had to literally fight with our mother and sister to go out for this adventure sport. Seeing our determination, they had to yield.

The arrangements were already done. We contacted ‘The Himalayan Expedition’ from some known sources, they offered the best rates for the Rafting (the 16 km stretch), which is more than enough for a newcomer. From there, we were taken to Shivpuri from where our expedition started. At first, all the important gears were given to us like the helmet, the paddle and the life jacket. We were all set and ready!!


Now, we were given all the necessary instructions regarding the rafting, the signals, what to do and what not to do by our guide.

There was a unique enthusiasm in the air. There were many rafters all around, excited and all pumped up, ready to glide themselves in the rushing water.


After all the instructions were given, our team went in the water. At first, it went downstream slowly & steadily and soon the rapids started to appear one by one (namely, roller-coaster, double trouble and many more…). We felt the adrenaline hit us when in one of the rapids the holy water splashed and drenched us. The biggest joy for me was to guide the raft when I got the chance to manage it for some time (it was really hard to row, super strength needed!!)


If you want to click photos in between you can, your devices are kept safe with the rafting head. The whole journey was so fun that it felt like some minutes, but in reality, we were in the water for nearly 3 hours. Our rafting guide was the coolest person, he didn’t rush and gave us his full attention and knowledge about the sport. In the end, we got the chance to cliff dive too, it was very scary and the most memorable moment.

And lastly, we would like to thank “The Himalayan Expedition” for such an awesome experience. Keep up the good work!!

I would highly recommend RIVER RAFTING to you all. It’s safe and really fun 🙂

Thank you for reading guys! Lots of Love <3 and check out our experience in the below-attached video.

Crossing Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

It is a very famous iron suspension bridge located on The River Ganges used by the tourists and the local people of the city to visit either side. It has a rich mythological association and is famous among the tourists.

I will not go into the history or the specifications. These can easily be accessed on our Google Baba!!


The bridge is a very slender pathway which is filled with tourists and localities either on foot or on two-wheelers. At peak hours it is impossible to stand and have a glance at the beautiful mountains or the Holy River. There is constant honking (peeee!@#$%$ peeeee!@&#% poooo!!! pooooo…..) on the bridge.

Best time to visit is either early mornings or late night for having a piece of an amazing memory. Early morning should be preferred as at night it seems kind of scary.

The bridge dances up and down constantly and after crossing it too you feel as if your body is wobbling. But not to worry you can walk confidently on this link. Yes!! it will not collapse. You are safe.


It is a major attraction of this city and is packed with fanatics full-time and is used to explore the two villages on either side, filled with a variety of markets and cafes and other famous attractions.

For many people, it is fascinating to see the crowd and for others, it’s chaotic and stupid to see vehicles in such little space. Yes, I too got irritated with the motorbike behind me honking as if a kid got to beep for the very first time in his life and he uses all the collection he has. But for me, it was a really nice experience to prance around and feel like a kid again (soooooo muchhhhhh happineesss!!).

So, people do cross this iconic place, get clicked and visit the nearby market and places to eat. Keep Exploring!!



Cross the Laxman Jhula from the main road, and you can easily find this place by asking Google Maps or locals. I came to know about this place through friends, with great enthusiasm and ratings. I visited the café on the evening of late March month, the Year 2018. It is a really good place if you are visiting with friends just to hang out but I would not recommend it for dining.

There was a healthy social environment with live Hindi music performances. Location wise the place is great, just beside the Holy Ganges. We too opted for the outdoor sitting just beside the Holy River. Also, the weather was amazing that day, the fresh and cool breeze was flowing, touching us gently (sone pe suhaga). Everything felt perfect; the ambience, the music, the people, everything until we placed our order and waited for it for around 30 – 45 minutes. For beverages we ordered juices and for starters ordered Fries, Veg Pakoras, and Nachos.


It felt like there was only one person waiting for all the other tables. We were really hungry and were waiting impatiently for the food to arrive after a long and tiring evening of trekking. At last, the juices arrived, we were relieved. The juices ordered were freshly taken out. Mixed Fruit juice tasted more like Banana Shake, Lemonade was filled with lemons but Orange Juice was perfect in taste.

Then again a long wait, we had finished the juices till now. At last, the food arrived, that too only Fries and Pakoras. The taste was slightly bland. Fries seemed a little burned but Veg Pakoras were good in taste, asked the waiter for Green chutney which he bought after we had finished the items. We ordered the Main course as soon as the starters had arrived; we ordered an Enchilada, Kadhai Paneer, Naan, and Chapatis.


Again waited for ages, feeling really frustrated with the super delayed service. The Nachos haven’t arrived yet. I went to look for the waiter and asked him for the order, he said, “It’s on its way”, but only Nachos and Enchilada came.

We didn’t feel like eating now, we got all the remaining food packed and paid the bill. The billing system was outdated too. The billing counter guy was very slow and confused. The packed food was applaudingly wrapped with a commendable use of the foil. (The curry was also wrapped in foil). We didn’t have the energy to shout on the authorities and didn’t give such waste less effort.


Here we were, an amazing start of the evening turned to a very frustrating evening.

The next morning we had the Kadhai paneer which was exceptionally great.

To Sum up, I would rate:-

Environment – Good

Food – Average

Location – Great

Service – Below Average

Staff – Average

Overall experience – Average