Motherhood <3

Two tiny vulnerable souls were lying near their mother’s body. Just born, innocent, known this world for a few hours, just lying on a busy street.

Rest in Peace Mother!!

They will open these little eyes in a few weeks, they will not see their mother but this other angel.
She came to their saving, fed them with her kids born some weeks back.

Feeding time with new mum!!
(Tiny golden pup wrestling for milk near Billo’s back legs)

She was a bit perplexed and dubious at first but soon welcomed them with open wings.
Now all the nine pups gel really fit together.

Wrapped up fun with new sisters

Wrestling for their mother’s milk and her warmth. It’s their biggest treasure.
This angel made us proud today. Now rest in peace mama, your kids are in good paws.

Happy International Women’s Day our marvelous special lady!!

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