River Rafting, Rishikesh

This was the very first adventure sport that I ever experienced so it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Yes! I am 25 and haven’t even got a chance to try out such activities. It was October 2017, the advent of winters in Rishikesh and it was our last day in the city, we siblings were very excited and had to literally fight with our mother and sister to go out for this adventure sport. Seeing our determination, they had to yield.

The arrangements were already done. We contacted ‘The Himalayan Expedition’ from some known sources, they offered the best rates for the Rafting (the 16 km stretch), which is more than enough for a newcomer. From there, we were taken to Shivpuri from where our expedition started. At first, all the important gears were given to us like the helmet, the paddle and the life jacket. We were all set and ready!!


Now, we were given all the necessary instructions regarding the rafting, the signals, what to do and what not to do by our guide.

There was a unique enthusiasm in the air. There were many rafters all around, excited and all pumped up, ready to glide themselves in the rushing water.


After all the instructions were given, our team went in the water. At first, it went downstream slowly & steadily and soon the rapids started to appear one by one (namely, roller-coaster, double trouble and many more…). We felt the adrenaline hit us when in one of the rapids the holy water splashed and drenched us. The biggest joy for me was to guide the raft when I got the chance to manage it for some time (it was really hard to row, super strength needed!!)


If you want to click photos in between you can, your devices are kept safe with the rafting head. The whole journey was so fun that it felt like some minutes, but in reality, we were in the water for nearly 3 hours. Our rafting guide was the coolest person, he didn’t rush and gave us his full attention and knowledge about the sport. In the end, we got the chance to cliff dive too, it was very scary and the most memorable moment.

And lastly, we would like to thank “The Himalayan Expedition” for such an awesome experience. Keep up the good work!!

I would highly recommend RIVER RAFTING to you all. It’s safe and really fun 🙂

Thank you for reading guys! Lots of Love <3 and check out our experience in the below-attached video.