He & She

He hates him, She loves him;
Now, he hates her too.

She respects them both,
But he thinks she is disrespecting.

She wants to unite, but a group negates;
She has the world below her feet, but the only one that makes her happy is him. She is happy!!

She is confident and bold about her love but is alone;
She expects a healthy conversation but all she gets is the rebuke.

Now the whole world curses her, She is afraid!
Negative thoughts gush her but she needs to keep her head straight.

Talk about the positives she has done, not the negatives;
She is not wrong. He is not wrong. This is the gap of generations which is way beyond her to bridge seeing his enormous pride.

He will disown her but will be proud one day;
She wishes happiness & wellbeing, he wishes her darkness.

He never loved her, he loves the world & the society;
He never made her happy, he wants to make the fellowship happy instead.

Now she has to be tough all the way;
The journey will be her own with no family.

But she is firm. She will do great!!

Father, I am in love with this man. Love, a word ‘profane’ in your world. Give us a chance, you won’t repent. But you reprove me and don’t understand my love. I have no other way but to impose this relationship. I want to be free from your cage, I spent 26 years here, but no more. You have taught me well and he is the best. You will see one day. I will not say much, I will do it!!