This Podcast changed my Life!!

A day comes in your life when you question everything around you. Why is this happening to me? Why is everything falling apart? What should I do? etc… etc… In short, you just lose your focus.

I have had this phase recently and will not go deeper into it right now. I am happy this happened though. I have grown this quality in me to embrace every phase in my life, whether good or bad or worse. As my blog’s tagline says, “Experience Life”, this was a hell of an experience.

One thing I can say about me is that I have tried “n” number of things in my life and never given up in any situation. I am constantly moving and working and active!! But sometimes this moving becomes aimless and meaningless and you are not satisfied at the end of the day.

There are so many things happening that keeping tabs on them is necessary. “I have to BECOME ORGANIZED!!! I can’t manage so much”. Yes, you can. This podcast is all about this topic.

It was a new year, people started making resolutions and so did I to “Reset”!! And say it a coincidence, my cousin shared this life-changing podcast which I decided to religiously pursue and five months hence there is a remarkable change. And all I can say is that I am really HAPPY!! I practised many things before too but something was still missing, I was not getting any results but all I needed were these very small and smart changes in my schedule that redesigned everything in me. Now I am super organized and focused on a great level and am continually trying out new ventures (this blog is one of them!) and feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

It’s funny how a stranger can make such a quality impact in your life and now we share a very beautiful relationship. We are now friends and are constantly in touch with each other motivating one another and whenever I feel trapped, I shoot an email query to her and she comes up with a really cool way to tackle such hiccups. She has all my deepest blessings from my soul 🙂


About the Podcast:

The podcast is about a “30-day Focus Challenge” that I would recommend to people and give it a big GO!! It is run by a very lovely and a beautiful lady named “Sabrina Victoria” who is truly an amazing person. She started this podcast on the new year and is consistent with her content. She took up “30 Days 30 Podcasts” challenge and this focus challenge is a part of this commitment. She has other stupendous podcasts covering many topics which will definitely be useful to a lot of you. She is also a fitness freak and you can explore her youtube channel for some health-related ideas.

The link is attached below. Do listen and implement. The results turned my world. Please do click the link below 🙂

“Sabrina 30 Day Focus Challenge”

Ending Credits:

As Sabrina says, “Do something Awesome Today, Much Love”!!

About Sabrina: She is Inspiration!! <3 🙂

Jab Bhi Kalam Leke Bethti Hu, Kuch Likh Deti Hu!

By Sukriti Yadav


Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Roz k kuch ankahe kisse,
kuch aksharo mein bhar deti hu
Na koi badi kahani, na koi zaruri baat
apni zindagi ki dheemi raftar ko,
yuhi in panno m jakad leti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Aksar yahi sochti rahti hu,
sansar m ake kya paaya aur kya khoya
hisaab hi toh lagati rehti hu
Kitna punya kamaya, aur kitna paap dhoya,
inhi aakdo main, apni duniya guzar deti hu
Apni kahaniyo k aadhe adhure tukdo ko,
yuhi in panno m utaar deti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Na toh mere rang roop mein kuch khaas h,
na aaj tak koi aisa kaam kiya
jise dekh kar log kahe, “Arre wah! issmai zarur koi baat h”
Par sach kahu toh shayad, mujhe fark koi padta nahi
auro k bare m ab kya sochu.
khud se zada apna kabhi, mujhe koi mila nahi

yuhi har din apni tasveer banati aur mitati rehti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu!!!!

जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
रोज़ के कुछ अनकहे किस्से, कुछ अक्षरों में भर देती हूँ
न कोई बड़ी कहानी, न कोई ज़रूरी बात
अपनी ज़िन्दगी की धीमी रफ़्तार को,
युहीं इन पन्ने में जकड लेती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
अक्सर यही सोचती रहती हूँ, संसार में आके क्या पाया और क्या खोया
हिसाब ही तो लगाती रहती हूँ, कितना पुण्य कमाया, और कितना पाप धोया,
इन्ही आकड़ो में, अपनी दुनिया गुज़ार देती हूँ
अपनी कहानियों के आधे अधूरे टुकड़ो को, युहीं इन पन्ने में उतार देती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
न तो मेरे रंग रूप में कुछ ख़ास है,
न आज तक कोई ऐसा काम किया, जिससे लोग कहें, “अरे वाह! इसमे ज़रूर कोई बात है।”
पर सच कहूँ तो शायद, मुझे फर्क कोई पढता नहीं
औरों के बारे में अब क्या सोचूं, खुद से ज़्यादा अपना कभी, मुझे कोई मिला नहीं
यूहीं हर दिन अपनी तस्वीर बनाती और मिटाती रहती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
About the Author: She is a very awesome lady, who crashed into my life from nowhere (wasn’t expecting it girl!!). Thank you for such an amazing piece of writing, you are truly talented. Keep up the good work, you will surely achieve wonders 🙂
Another proud collaboration, and miss you are very beautiful!! :* Lots of Love <3

Mom, I Love You!! <3

She does all your work, without complaining

The dishes, making yummy cuisines, washing our underwear, etc.. etc…

But we rebuke her if there is an extra pinch of salt too.

We don’t respect her sacrifices,

She let go of her dreams to make yours true

But we disrespect her in a room full of people if she nags a little bit

She never disrespected you, buddy.


Kids these days, I don’t know what to do!!

This is a story of most of the households I have seen (364 days)

Now the Special Day arrives (That, 1 Auspicious Day)

Ooo mother!! Let’s take a cool selfie and post it online.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 10.27.37.jpeg

Now, these mature kids have started posting about their lovely mother and are pouring all their deep, untold love on social media, yelling out how much they love their goddess and are in a full competitive streak with their friends.

This majority population will definitely disagree with me and be furious. But it’s a sad truth trending today.


I know this because I was one of them many years back but suddenly came to the realization, “Why am I posting and showing the love for my mother to the world?”. I know I love her and should tell her instead (she is not even on any social media, what’s the whole point then!!)

Rather spending time on your precious social media pages and looking at the likes count, focus on your valuable and irreplaceable mother and spend the most quality time with her and see the real count, not just a “like” count but a “love” count <3

Also, it is not a once in a year celebration, mother’s day comes and you gush all your love and the very next day you are a totally different person. It should be a daily affair, to show your love and respect to her.

In the end, I am no one to lecture you what to do and what not. It is totally up to you peeps!!

And at the very end, we do not need any “Mother’s Day” to remind us about the love for our mommy. It is innate. Every day is a mother’s day for this special lady!!


XOXOXOXO!!! Continue loving and Respecting. That’s all she needs and ever asked for 🙂

To all the lovely mothers around the globe. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! (Every day, Forever!!)


Me and My Mom!!

Crossing Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

It is a very famous iron suspension bridge located on The River Ganges used by the tourists and the local people of the city to visit either side. It has a rich mythological association and is famous among the tourists.

I will not go into the history or the specifications. These can easily be accessed on our Google Baba!!


The bridge is a very slender pathway which is filled with tourists and localities either on foot or on two-wheelers. At peak hours it is impossible to stand and have a glance at the beautiful mountains or the Holy River. There is constant honking (peeee!@#$%$ peeeee!@&#% poooo!!! pooooo…..) on the bridge.

Best time to visit is either early mornings or late night for having a piece of an amazing memory. Early morning should be preferred as at night it seems kind of scary.

The bridge dances up and down constantly and after crossing it too you feel as if your body is wobbling. But not to worry you can walk confidently on this link. Yes!! it will not collapse. You are safe.


It is a major attraction of this city and is packed with fanatics full-time and is used to explore the two villages on either side, filled with a variety of markets and cafes and other famous attractions.

For many people, it is fascinating to see the crowd and for others, it’s chaotic and stupid to see vehicles in such little space. Yes, I too got irritated with the motorbike behind me honking as if a kid got to beep for the very first time in his life and he uses all the collection he has. But for me, it was a really nice experience to prance around and feel like a kid again (soooooo muchhhhhh happineesss!!).

So, people do cross this iconic place, get clicked and visit the nearby market and places to eat. Keep Exploring!!

Like never before…

By Saras Kapoor

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 15.25.23.jpeg

Will hit the road like never before…

I was to blame,

I was so untrue

I and my shadow was on a wicked road;

But I won’t forget

The storm will pass,

the night will end;

the dawn must awake

The moon will shout for the grief that is done before

When adversity stroke,

it voyaged to the deep in me

But I will be back,

will hit the patch like never before

Those woes and grief will never be the same;

the charm will be brighter than the sunshine

I was to blame,

I was so untrue

But I will revert back like never before…

About the author: A great friend, brother, son, a traveler, an adventure seeker and what not. Saras as his name expresses is a very lively and an interesting character in my life. He is always available in need and will never let you down. Thank you! For such a beautiful collaboration buddy 🙂

And her soul is dead too!!

Ahhh! What a sunny and a beautiful day. Come on my ponies, let’s go on a graze.

Today the jungle is full of juicy snacks for you. Get ready, we are going for a chew.

The horses are happy and enjoying their meal. Suddenly I realized that some have gone afar with zeal.

Now I embark a journey to find them. Yes! I found a few but one gem.

I saw a man nearby; he gave me a loving smile.

I am an innocent girl, I heartily reciprocated him a smile.

The hunt is now turning into an adventure. “Oiii my Little Unicorn, where have you ventured?”

Soon I met a boy, a nice & friendly lad. Ready to assist me, he is glad.

Assuring me that he has seen my horse, the boy took me to a temple of a foreign god; which my parents told to dodge.

I again saw the smiling man, but I now feel a bit icky. He did something to me

I feel dizzy, I feel uneasy, I feel…….. Nothing!!

This man is on me, enjoying him, now it’s the nice & friendly boy’s turn (Oh! I take my words back) to relish him.

People are leaping states to exploit me. He said he is giving his exams, I know what kind and alas you have failed, Chhiii !!

I love playing with toys, but now I have become one, lying as a puppet. Is this a game?

I am feeling high, is this all real? I just want to go back home! My sweet home!

They are giving me sedatives for my pain; they are giving me drugs so I don’t create a scene. I cannot move, feeling like a dressed cuisine.

But they do not understand the fact that it’s not the body that needs the healing but my shattered soul which is bleeding.

My heart is roaring, crying, screaming but all they can hear is their wicked thoughts creaming.

It’s been days, I don’t know how many, Oh God! Please end this, end this at any penny.

But I am in God’s home, Oh! Such a holy place, but where is the god? THERE SHE IS! Right in front of me.

People are coming in taking turns. I hate their smell, I hate their yearn.

At last, I am being taken somewhere; this is the same spot where I began my quest.

I am on the ground, gasping for air. Being strangled, as I lose my breath.

I am dead!

Now the girl does not know what happened next, she was battered with big rocks for precaution’s sake and left lying in the jungle for days.

She does not know what is happening ever since, the politics, the national joke of her death, and everything.

The reason that the little angel does not know all this,

is because her soul is dead too.. miss!

I put a lot of thought while writing this blog. I cannot imagine what that little angel must have gone through.  All I can feel is a huge pain in my heart as I go on typing. I have no words for such ignominy. All words seem small in front of this inhumane act.



Cross the Laxman Jhula from the main road, and you can easily find this place by asking Google Maps or locals. I came to know about this place through friends, with great enthusiasm and ratings. I visited the café on the evening of late March month, the Year 2018. It is a really good place if you are visiting with friends just to hang out but I would not recommend it for dining.

There was a healthy social environment with live Hindi music performances. Location wise the place is great, just beside the Holy Ganges. We too opted for the outdoor sitting just beside the Holy River. Also, the weather was amazing that day, the fresh and cool breeze was flowing, touching us gently (sone pe suhaga). Everything felt perfect; the ambience, the music, the people, everything until we placed our order and waited for it for around 30 – 45 minutes. For beverages we ordered juices and for starters ordered Fries, Veg Pakoras, and Nachos.


It felt like there was only one person waiting for all the other tables. We were really hungry and were waiting impatiently for the food to arrive after a long and tiring evening of trekking. At last, the juices arrived, we were relieved. The juices ordered were freshly taken out. Mixed Fruit juice tasted more like Banana Shake, Lemonade was filled with lemons but Orange Juice was perfect in taste.

Then again a long wait, we had finished the juices till now. At last, the food arrived, that too only Fries and Pakoras. The taste was slightly bland. Fries seemed a little burned but Veg Pakoras were good in taste, asked the waiter for Green chutney which he bought after we had finished the items. We ordered the Main course as soon as the starters had arrived; we ordered an Enchilada, Kadhai Paneer, Naan, and Chapatis.


Again waited for ages, feeling really frustrated with the super delayed service. The Nachos haven’t arrived yet. I went to look for the waiter and asked him for the order, he said, “It’s on its way”, but only Nachos and Enchilada came.

We didn’t feel like eating now, we got all the remaining food packed and paid the bill. The billing system was outdated too. The billing counter guy was very slow and confused. The packed food was applaudingly wrapped with a commendable use of the foil. (The curry was also wrapped in foil). We didn’t have the energy to shout on the authorities and didn’t give such waste less effort.


Here we were, an amazing start of the evening turned to a very frustrating evening.

The next morning we had the Kadhai paneer which was exceptionally great.

To Sum up, I would rate:-

Environment – Good

Food – Average

Location – Great

Service – Below Average

Staff – Average

Overall experience – Average