Taking a break…

Image Credits: Ashwani Bhati

I take a break,

From the day’s struggle

From judgmental stares and rebuke

From being ignored

From selling items to the people

From cleaning people’s wheels

From craving for chillar

I take a break,

To explore something today

Yes, I have a sudden interest in technology

I see this man fluently operating his phone

He took a picture of me,

I am curious now

He takes a break,

From his day’s active schedule

To click a photo of me

As he is inquisitive too

I feel so unique

This made my day!!

I took a break,

Yes!! It was worth it.

He took a break,

Indeed! It was…

Project By: Ashwani Bhati https://www.instagram.com/thehorsesking/

Implementation By: skillsoul.in https://www.instagram.com/skillsoul.in/

Let’s Match It!! || Reasons why we light a matchstick…


Image Credits: Ashwani Bhati

Let’s Match it!!
It’s time to worship God


Let’s Match it!!
It’s a date night


Let’s Match it!!
Yes!! Bonfire by the beach

beach bonfire.gif

Let’s Match it!!
It’s your special day honey


Let’s Match it!!
I wanna see the rocket in the sky


Let’s Match it!!
I feel like cooking today


Let’s Match it!!
I can’t see anything


Let’s Match it!!
Do not try this at home

dont try.gif

Let’s Match it!!
To pollute the environment


Let’s Match it!!
It’s freezing out here…. Ufff!!

winter bonfire.gif

Let’s Match it!!
I don’t need these

no need.gif

Let’s Match it!!
Bro! Just one drag


Let’s Match it!!
It’s fun man

rocket 2.gif play 2.gif

Let’s Match it!!
No, noo, nooo… I just wanna pick my teeth


Project By: Ashwani Bhati (Follow Ashwani on Instagram)


Implementation By: skillsoul.in (Instagram Link)