I used to be normal!

“Life made me abnormal.”

The expectations, the people, the society.

They are poisoning. They are demotivating. They are depreciating.

They are an inevitable slow death. Mind it!

You fail, and you are judged.

You are demeaned. You feel desolated.

Humans always think about the conspiracies and sadly never about the consequences.

They, try to copy you.

And if they don’t succeed, they try to pull you down.

They invade, your mind.

They actually know how to make the best out of you!

Physically, Emotionally and Financially!

Later, discard you like the trash.

It’s pathetic if we still ourselves Human.

Humanity, it is long lost.

Humility, yes it still prevails.

Humans have turned heartless.

Fake is the new favorable.

Fake charm. Fake glamour. Fake feelings. Fake thoughts. Fake mindset. Fake pride.

Fake is frequent. Real is rare.

I write this because I feel a majority among you have undergone this phase. I know, it’s sad and unforgiving but let’s not forget that above all we still, are Humans.

We have a heart. We are giving. We believe in sharing.

We believe in caring.

And we just have only,

One religion! “HUMANITY.”

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Jab Bhi Kalam Leke Bethti Hu, Kuch Likh Deti Hu!

By Sukriti Yadav


Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Roz k kuch ankahe kisse,
kuch aksharo mein bhar deti hu
Na koi badi kahani, na koi zaruri baat
apni zindagi ki dheemi raftar ko,
yuhi in panno m jakad leti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Aksar yahi sochti rahti hu,
sansar m ake kya paaya aur kya khoya
hisaab hi toh lagati rehti hu
Kitna punya kamaya, aur kitna paap dhoya,
inhi aakdo main, apni duniya guzar deti hu
Apni kahaniyo k aadhe adhure tukdo ko,
yuhi in panno m utaar deti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu

Na toh mere rang roop mein kuch khaas h,
na aaj tak koi aisa kaam kiya
jise dekh kar log kahe, “Arre wah! issmai zarur koi baat h”
Par sach kahu toh shayad, mujhe fark koi padta nahi
auro k bare m ab kya sochu.
khud se zada apna kabhi, mujhe koi mila nahi

yuhi har din apni tasveer banati aur mitati rehti hu

Jab bhi kalam leke bethti hu,
kuch likh deti hu!!!!

जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
रोज़ के कुछ अनकहे किस्से, कुछ अक्षरों में भर देती हूँ
न कोई बड़ी कहानी, न कोई ज़रूरी बात
अपनी ज़िन्दगी की धीमी रफ़्तार को,
युहीं इन पन्ने में जकड लेती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
अक्सर यही सोचती रहती हूँ, संसार में आके क्या पाया और क्या खोया
हिसाब ही तो लगाती रहती हूँ, कितना पुण्य कमाया, और कितना पाप धोया,
इन्ही आकड़ो में, अपनी दुनिया गुज़ार देती हूँ
अपनी कहानियों के आधे अधूरे टुकड़ो को, युहीं इन पन्ने में उतार देती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
न तो मेरे रंग रूप में कुछ ख़ास है,
न आज तक कोई ऐसा काम किया, जिससे लोग कहें, “अरे वाह! इसमे ज़रूर कोई बात है।”
पर सच कहूँ तो शायद, मुझे फर्क कोई पढता नहीं
औरों के बारे में अब क्या सोचूं, खुद से ज़्यादा अपना कभी, मुझे कोई मिला नहीं
यूहीं हर दिन अपनी तस्वीर बनाती और मिटाती रहती हूँ।
जब भी कलम लेकर बैठती हूँ, कुछ लिख देती हूँ।
About the Author: She is a very awesome lady, who crashed into my life from nowhere (wasn’t expecting it girl!!). Thank you for such an amazing piece of writing, you are truly talented. Keep up the good work, you will surely achieve wonders 🙂
Another proud collaboration, and miss you are very beautiful!! :* Lots of Love <3

Like never before…

By Saras Kapoor

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 15.25.23.jpeg

Will hit the road like never before…

I was to blame,

I was so untrue

I and my shadow was on a wicked road;

But I won’t forget

The storm will pass,

the night will end;

the dawn must awake

The moon will shout for the grief that is done before

When adversity stroke,

it voyaged to the deep in me

But I will be back,

will hit the patch like never before

Those woes and grief will never be the same;

the charm will be brighter than the sunshine

I was to blame,

I was so untrue

But I will revert back like never before…

About the author: A great friend, brother, son, a traveler, an adventure seeker and what not. Saras as his name expresses is a very lively and an interesting character in my life. He is always available in need and will never let you down. Thank you! For such a beautiful collaboration buddy 🙂