Motherhood <3

Two tiny vulnerable souls were lying near their mother’s body. Just born, innocent, known this world for a few hours, just lying on a busy street.

Rest in Peace Mother!!

They will open these little eyes in a few weeks, they will not see their mother but this other angel.
She came to their saving, fed them with her kids born some weeks back.

Feeding time with new mum!!
(Tiny golden pup wrestling for milk near Billo’s back legs)

She was a bit perplexed and dubious at first but soon welcomed them with open wings.
Now all the nine pups gel really fit together.

Wrapped up fun with new sisters

Wrestling for their mother’s milk and her warmth. It’s their biggest treasure.
This angel made us proud today. Now rest in peace mama, your kids are in good paws.

Happy International Women’s Day our marvelous special lady!!

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Taking a break…

Image Credits: Ashwani Bhati

I take a break,

From the day’s struggle

From judgmental stares and rebuke

From being ignored

From selling items to the people

From cleaning people’s wheels

From craving for chillar

I take a break,

To explore something today

Yes, I have a sudden interest in technology

I see this man fluently operating his phone

He took a picture of me,

I am curious now

He takes a break,

From his day’s active schedule

To click a photo of me

As he is inquisitive too

I feel so unique

This made my day!!

I took a break,

Yes!! It was worth it.

He took a break,

Indeed! It was…

Project By: Ashwani Bhati

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Internshala Advanced Excel Course || Review

I took up this course in January 2017. It was a four-week certified online training offered by the Internshala Virtual Training Center (Powered by Analytics Vidhya). The training program consisted of these four main modules namely; Excel Basics, Excel Functions, Data Visualization and Advanced Concepts modules.

The Excel Basics consisted of Introduction, Excel Formatting, Cell Operations, Sheet Operations, Excel Formula and Paste Special Format Painter

The Excel Function module consisted of Excel Text, Math, Logical, Statistical, Date & Time, Financial and Look Up Functions

The Data Visualization module consisted of Importance of Charts, its components, types of charts, selection & formatting, Sparklines and Advanced Charts (Thermometer, Gauge and Waterfall)

The Advanced Concepts consisted of Sorting & Filtering, Advanced Filter, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables, Hyperlinks, Excel Tables, Data Validation, Protection & Printing and Analysis Tools

The course started with the basics, after completion of the same an objective type test was taken to move on to the next level. This happened in all the modules.

Also, there were some assignments given by the educator in between.

You can also ask your queries with the teacher through the mail.

On successful completion of the course, a certificate is awarded to you, with your details and the marks scored. (You can opt with or without marks certificate)

There are always some great offers & best prices on the website, and you can avail them as soon as they come.

Thank you for helping me gain such a useful skill. Looking forward to joining some more courses with Internshala. My overall experience was very good




I used to be normal!

“Life made me abnormal.”

The expectations, the people, the society.

They are poisoning. They are demotivating. They are depreciating.

They are an inevitable slow death. Mind it!

You fail, and you are judged.

You are demeaned. You feel desolated.

Humans always think about the conspiracies and sadly never about the consequences.

They, try to copy you.

And if they don’t succeed, they try to pull you down.

They invade, your mind.

They actually know how to make the best out of you!

Physically, Emotionally and Financially!

Later, discard you like the trash.

It’s pathetic if we still ourselves Human.

Humanity, it is long lost.

Humility, yes it still prevails.

Humans have turned heartless.

Fake is the new favorable.

Fake charm. Fake glamour. Fake feelings. Fake thoughts. Fake mindset. Fake pride.

Fake is frequent. Real is rare.

I write this because I feel a majority among you have undergone this phase. I know, it’s sad and unforgiving but let’s not forget that above all we still, are Humans.

We have a heart. We are giving. We believe in sharing.

We believe in caring.

And we just have only,

One religion! “HUMANITY.”

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What The Fluff Challenge with my Pet Dog

Challenges come and go. Every few weeks there is some new challenge which has taken all over the internet. I enjoy viewing a few and some seem redundant.

But I took up the “What The Fluff” Challenge. This is my very first challenge. It is a cool blanket magic trick that you perform in front of your pet. Thought of giving it a go, and hell yeah!!! I loved doing it… Hope you enjoy it too 🙂

Check out the video below:-

He & She

He hates him, She loves him;
Now, he hates her too.

She respects them both,
But he thinks she is disrespecting.

She wants to unite, but a group negates;
She has the world below her feet, but the only one that makes her happy is him. She is happy!!

She is confident and bold about her love but is alone;
She expects a healthy conversation but all she gets is the rebuke.

Now the whole world curses her, She is afraid!
Negative thoughts gush her but she needs to keep her head straight.

Talk about the positives she has done, not the negatives;
She is not wrong. He is not wrong. This is the gap of generations which is way beyond her to bridge seeing his enormous pride.

He will disown her but will be proud one day;
She wishes happiness & wellbeing, he wishes her darkness.

He never loved her, he loves the world & the society;
He never made her happy, he wants to make the fellowship happy instead.

Now she has to be tough all the way;
The journey will be her own with no family.

But she is firm. She will do great!!

Father, I am in love with this man. Love, a word ‘profane’ in your world. Give us a chance, you won’t repent. But you reprove me and don’t understand my love. I have no other way but to impose this relationship. I want to be free from your cage, I spent 26 years here, but no more. You have taught me well and he is the best. You will see one day. I will not say much, I will do it!!

Let’s Match It!! || Reasons why we light a matchstick…


Image Credits: Ashwani Bhati

Let’s Match it!!
It’s time to worship God


Let’s Match it!!
It’s a date night


Let’s Match it!!
Yes!! Bonfire by the beach

beach bonfire.gif

Let’s Match it!!
It’s your special day honey


Let’s Match it!!
I wanna see the rocket in the sky


Let’s Match it!!
I feel like cooking today


Let’s Match it!!
I can’t see anything


Let’s Match it!!
Do not try this at home

dont try.gif

Let’s Match it!!
To pollute the environment


Let’s Match it!!
It’s freezing out here…. Ufff!!

winter bonfire.gif

Let’s Match it!!
I don’t need these

no need.gif

Let’s Match it!!
Bro! Just one drag


Let’s Match it!!
It’s fun man

rocket 2.gif play 2.gif

Let’s Match it!!
No, noo, nooo… I just wanna pick my teeth


Project By: Ashwani Bhati (Follow Ashwani on Instagram)


Implementation By: (Instagram Link)


River Rafting, Rishikesh

This was the very first adventure sport that I ever experienced so it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Yes! I am 25 and haven’t even got a chance to try out such activities. It was October 2017, the advent of winters in Rishikesh and it was our last day in the city, we siblings were very excited and had to literally fight with our mother and sister to go out for this adventure sport. Seeing our determination, they had to yield.

The arrangements were already done. We contacted ‘The Himalayan Expedition’ from some known sources, they offered the best rates for the Rafting (the 16 km stretch), which is more than enough for a newcomer. From there, we were taken to Shivpuri from where our expedition started. At first, all the important gears were given to us like the helmet, the paddle and the life jacket. We were all set and ready!!


Now, we were given all the necessary instructions regarding the rafting, the signals, what to do and what not to do by our guide.

There was a unique enthusiasm in the air. There were many rafters all around, excited and all pumped up, ready to glide themselves in the rushing water.


After all the instructions were given, our team went in the water. At first, it went downstream slowly & steadily and soon the rapids started to appear one by one (namely, roller-coaster, double trouble and many more…). We felt the adrenaline hit us when in one of the rapids the holy water splashed and drenched us. The biggest joy for me was to guide the raft when I got the chance to manage it for some time (it was really hard to row, super strength needed!!)


If you want to click photos in between you can, your devices are kept safe with the rafting head. The whole journey was so fun that it felt like some minutes, but in reality, we were in the water for nearly 3 hours. Our rafting guide was the coolest person, he didn’t rush and gave us his full attention and knowledge about the sport. In the end, we got the chance to cliff dive too, it was very scary and the most memorable moment.

And lastly, we would like to thank “The Himalayan Expedition” for such an awesome experience. Keep up the good work!!

I would highly recommend RIVER RAFTING to you all. It’s safe and really fun 🙂

Thank you for reading guys! Lots of Love <3 and check out our experience in the below-attached video.

50 Days with SuperWoman

How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh aka “SUPERWOMAN”


I toppled upon this book two months back in an interview of Lilly Singh with Jimmy Fallon. It is an American Best Seller. A pretty “hatke” book, full of colours and creativity which truly reflects Lilly’s personality. This book is all about this pretty woman’s life with many cool new learnings which I have truly imbibed in me. I am in love with this lady. She is a true Super Woman (oops!! sorry Gal Gadot). 

There are a handful of people who really inspire me and impact me and I’m so glad, she is the newest extension to this list.

superwoman 2

I read 1 chapter daily, her learnings and experiences. The chapters explore all portions of one’s life (from mastering one’s mind to making heads turn). The biggest highlight for me was the “Out of the Blue” chapters which truly boggled my mind. The complete transition from the darkest moment to the most epic moment of her life. I am sooooo motivateddd!! Effinnnn spurred!!! This awesome shot was much needed 🙂

I’m not a crazy fan, just your newest admirer who watches your videos whenever she feels to lighten up.

lilly singh.png

Lilly has everything in her life, she is a diva, what can I give her more. All I have to say from the deepest part of my heart is that she achieves whatever more she wants. Keep spreading your beautiful videos and happiness around the globe noblewoman!! You are “THE BAWSE”. And congratulations on your newest achievement of being a part of Maroon 5 and Cardi B’s “GIRL LIKE YOU” song video 🙂

I’m gonna miss you, Lilly. Thank you for being a part of my life for these 50 days. I just conquered my world. <3.

girl love.jpg

I highly recommend this book to ya all!!! I am signing this book and passing it on. Hope this chain never breaks. This guide is a must read!!

#girllove #superwoman #lillysingh #unicornisland #bawse

About SuperWoman: Just YouTube her bruhh!!! B-)